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An easy and affordable tool for scanning, OCR and document management
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14 January 2009

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SimpleIndex is an easy and affordable tool for scanning, OCR and document management. Organizes files automatically with barcode recognition, OCR and database integration, making document imaging simple and affordable. Command line interface is available for easy integration.

Pros: SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for small business and departments for document management. It has a command line interface too, to help developers integrate the document management solution with others to creates a organization wide application.

The application organizes scanned and electronic documents into a single database accessible from all desktops. Powerful barcode recognition and OCR search help finding index values without requiring them to be in a fixed place.

OCR template and dictionary matching help find date, customer name, invoice number and such other important information even if located at different place. That helps organizing office and PDF documents into a database quite easy.

A freestanding piece of the application SimpleIcversheet can be used to create a coversheet with the document index, the most critical information, anywhere in the set up. Actual scanning of the complete document can then be done at a central scanner or networked digital copiers/ MFD’s. All such documents then can be processed automatically in a batch later. Settings related to a batch can be set into a job file and saved as an icon. The actual processing job can be launched by double clicking on this icon later. A typical configuration could be to scan a document, read the barcode and OCR, generate folders and filenames and upload the complete information and the index no. to a database in a single step.

User interfaces complements the process simplicity. The application includes pre-processing steps and quality checks. Cons: No obvious problems noticed.

Overall value this application adds to small and medium enterprises is quite high, easy to use interfaces and low learning time makes this a 4 star software package.

Publisher's description

SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for small business and departments looking to manage their files from a single interface, developers who don't want to reinvent the wheel and large companies with many locations looking to decentralize their scanning.
SimpleIndex organizes scanned images and electronic documents into a single document management database your employees can access on their desktops. SimpleIndex takes the labor out of document imaging by providing powerful barcode recognition and OCR search algorithms that can find index values no matter where they are on the page. By providing these essentail automations for a reasonable price, we make document management affordable for anyone.
The most unique automation is our OCR tempate and dictionary matching search algorithms. This lets you find information like date, customer name, invoice number and other information on documents with different layouts. These can even be applied to the text in Office documents and PDF files to organize these files automatically and attach them to a database.
The SimpleCoversheet barcode printing application (included in the download) lets anyone in your company print barcoded coversheets with all the information needed to identify a document. This is perfect for scanning with a centralized scanner or networked digital copier. SimpleIndex can then be configured to process these documents automatically without any user intervention whatsoever!
This level of automation is provided by SimpleIndex's command line interface. All the settings related to scanning or searching documnets can be saved to "Job Files", which can be saved to an icon and launched with a click of the mouse or a single line of code. These jobs can be configured to scan documents, read barcodes and OCR, generate folders and filenames and upload the index information to a database in a single step. It is simply not possible to find an easier, faster way to process your docuemnts!
Version 6.1
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I purchased v5.9 which cannot index any more than 500 documents in one go.
Easy install, very easy to configure but you need to fully test your requirements before purchasing.
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